9 Best Campfire Grill Grates For Cooking Over Fire

Cooking and barbeque are important camping activities. Having access to delicious food enhances the camping and outdoor enthusiast experience.

This article was written since it is often quite challenging to find adequate camping grates.

The camping grills mentioned below are among the best known for cooking and grilling food when camping.

We suggest swivel-stake and flatbed barbecues for campfire cooking.

Before using either of them for cooking, we recommend testing them by putting them over a fire and burning off any extra paint or chemicals.

Consider including heat-resistant gloves and cooking implements for campfires in your camping equipment.

Are There Different Kinds Of Campfire Grill Grates?

There are several different types of grill grates on the market. The most common are:

Rectangle-Shape Grate

This is a rectangular metal item that is often made of steel and is generally a grilling grate devoid of legs.

They are affordable and appropriate for both home grilling and travel. The quality is dependent on the weight of the grate.

Circular Form Grate

This is a classic campfire grate design. The bulk of campfires are often confined in circular metal or stone receptacles. On the majority of campfires, circular grates are the best option.

Are There Different Kinds Of Campfire Grills?

Three distinct types of campfire grills exist - tripod, swivel-stake, and flatbed.


Tripods are our least favorite camping cooking equipment. They are appealing to the eye yet impractical.

The grilling grate has a propensity to swing, making it mostly ineffective. However, it may be used to boil a kettle of water.

The second risk associated with tripods is that the legs may provide an impediment. We prefer grate legs that are positioned under the grate and do not impede access to the grate.

Swivel-Stake Grills

These are the kind of campfire grills we like. A single stake put into the ground with a mallet or piece of wood holds them in place.

After attaching the grill to the stake, these grills can rotate, which is an excellent feature.

When the dish is finished cooking, just rotate the grate so it is no longer in contact with the heat to allow it to cool.

Additionally, we like that swivel-stake grills often provide the most height adjustment possibilities. They can be adjusted up and down the approximately 20-inch-tall pole.

Flat Bed Grills

This is the most standard kind of grill. By just sitting on their legs, they may be hung over a fire. They are simple and often fold up incredibly well.

The fact that flatbed grills offer less height options than swivel-stake grills is the greatest drawback. Occasionally, it is essential to add bricks under the legs to create a little more height.

What Are Grill Grates Usually Made Of?

Cast Iron

Cast iron is a typical alternative for grates, despite being a very heavy material. It is not appropriate for backpacking but is good for camping in a car.

Cast iron is very durable, nonstick, and easy to clean. Cast iron efficiently holds heat, thus the metal stays very hot for a lengthy amount of time.

Buy cast iron if you want the best degree of maintenance and performance. 


This material is superb and can create a fantastic fire grate for a campfire. This material is used in the construction of several titanium wood-burning stove grates.

This is wonderful hiking gear. However, expect to pay more for things made of titanium.

This substance is rather costly. This material's light weight has contributed to its popularity. Less dense than most commercially available metals, titanium is very resistant to corrosion and rust.

Titanium is also scratch-resistant, making cleaning the vast majority of titanium items straightforward.

Stainless Steel

Items made from stainless steel are often more resilient. The bulk of stainless steel items are extremely easy to clean due to their high resistance to scratching.

Numerous organizations use stainless steel since it is a cost-effective material.
This material is very resistant to corrosion and rust, making the grates made from it exceptionally safe, durable, and non-toxic.

Invest in rod stainless steel if you do not want to clean your grill in the same manner as your kitchen equipment.

Be patient and learn to control the temperature appropriately to prevent what you're grilling from sticking, and don't be afraid to generously apply cooking oil to the grate and your food.

If you want the best of both cast iron and stainless rod, you should choose cast stainless steel grates.

They are almost indestructible and act like cast iron. The initial investment will pay off in the long term.


There are various exceptional steel camping grates available for purchase. We like the durability of the grates made from this material.

This material is resistant to scratches and accidents. It is also quite inexpensive and easy to clean.

The only negative is that some steels are susceptible to rust, hence they are often coated.

Check that the coating is safe and non-hazardous since you do not want anything dangerous to infiltrate your food.

Accessories You Might Want To Get

BBQ Utensils

When you have the proper equipment, cooking is a lot easier. There are barbeque utensil sets available for purchase.

This package often contains everything required to cook and grill meals. This is ideal for backyard barbecues and car camping.


Cookware is required to make meals. Simply check that they are fire-resistant.

Typically, the components and handles of cookware cannot sustain a campfire.

Extremely huge campfires may melt plastic, wood, and silicone cookware handles and components.

Grate Scraper / Cleaner

Using a cleaner and scraper are intended to make cleaning grates much easier and less laborious for the user.

9 Campfire Grill Grates We Think You Will Love


Texsport Heavy-Duty Swivel Grill

This grill is appealing due to its elegance and simplicity. No further features are needed.

The only components present are the 28-inch pole and the grilling plate, which is linked to the stake.

You will have around 17 inches of height to work with, and the grate can be adjusted to any size, letting you modify it to the optimal cooking height.

It also rotates 360 degrees, allowing it to be used as a cooling platform when done cooking.

A simple clasp mechanism connects the grate to the stake, which is comfortable but might be less effective than some other options.

Regarding grate size, you're looking at 24 inches x 16 inches, which we feel is suitable for a small camping group.

Moreover, if the stake is firmly planted in the ground, you should be able to place several pots and pans straight on its grill.

This is a good choice if you value simplicity in your life. Due to its weight, we would suggest it for car camping or backyard fire pits rather than pack-in, pack-out camping.


  • Cheap: The product is both affordable and long-lasting.
  • Practical: This item is simple and uncomplicated. It does its intended function without additional bells and whistles.
  • Good For Small Groups: 24 inches by 16 inches is plenty for a handful of hamburgers and pots.


  • Few Extra Features: Its simplicity may appeal to you, but others may prefer a product that maximizes value for money.

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CampfireGrill 18-Inch Round Grill Grate

Numerous camping grills are manufactured by "Campfire Grill." Their product has been improved to become a high-quality, well-designed portable grill.

This barbeque from their assortment of campfire barbecues features a round 18-inch grate.

Consequently, a substantial quantity of food may fit on the grill surface. It would be plenty to feed a modest family.

The raised border that encircles the rim is ideal. It acts as a wall, keeping food from falling off the grill.

In addition to wrenches for grill assembly and disassembly, Campfire Grill has included a travel bag, heated cushion, and glove in this kit.

However, it is simple to assemble. First, drive the stake into the ground next to the location of the fire.

Provided the ground is soft, this should not be a problem. However, if the terrain is challenging, a mallet may be required to drive the stake into the ground.

Then, adjust the grill to the appropriate height. This kind of stake is one of our favorites because of its extensive height adjustment capabilities.

Additionally, the stake features a 360-degree swivel, enabling you to tilt it away from the fire to cool the meal.

Changing the height during a fire may necessitate the use of a fireplace glove because it becomes hot.


  • Different Height Options: This kind of stake-swivel grill is a favorite since the height can be modified in several ways.
  • Carry Bag: It's great that one is included.
  • Adjustable: The grill grate is capable of a complete 360-degree rotation. After cooking is complete, remove the pan from the heat to allow the food to cool.


  • Beware Of The Fire: With adjustable height stake grills like this, you may be tempted to alter the grill's height mid-fire. Unfortunately, this may burn your fingers!

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RedSwing Folding Campfire Grill

Portability is the primary selling point of this grill. It comes with a fantastic carry bag that you can store in your car's trunk before your next camping trip.

Therefore, this is perhaps the greatest camping grill for those who camp in remote wilderness places.

The overall design prioritizes portability. This entails replacing iron with stainless steel, resulting in a much lighter product than its rivals.

However, it is far thinner and less durable than iron grills meant to be placed and maintained for a long length of time over a fire pit.

The available sizes are medium (13.6 x 9 x 6.5 inches) and large (16.5 x 9 x 6.5 inches). Their heights are reduced by roughly 1 inch when folded.

However, this is due to the mobility of the product. Unfortunately, all sizes are diminutive in comparison to larger rivals.

In addition, its rounded edges reduce the risk of snagging or cutting, which is a nice feature.

Consequently, although many may see it as a small design element, it contributes to the total value.


  • Portable: This is the most portable grate on the list. It may be transported using the included carry bag.
  • Versatile: This may be used over a disposable grill or a fire pit.
  • Choose Your Size: This grill is offered in medium and large sizes, however, both sizes are quite small compared to other outdoor bonfire grills.


  • Small: Even though it is modest for cooking purposes, space on this grill is limited. Ideal for one or two campers maximum. Additionally, it may be too small for big fire pits.

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Wolf Grizzly Compact Backpack Grill

This lightweight campfire grill is ideal for campers who travel between campsites on foot.

It may be folded into a little package that fits in the corner of a backpack.
In addition, it is light enough to carry in a bag without difficulty. It has a total weight of 2.2 pounds.

It is ideal for multi-day summer treks!

One thing to be aware of is that it can sustain just 30 pounds.

This is probably sufficient (it is a little grill grate, after all), but do not abuse it; handle it with care.

Overall, we like its utility, albeit not everyone will. It is insufficient, for instance, for families. Only lightweight pack-in and pack-out backpacks are recommended.


  • Good For Backpackers: Buy it if you need to transport your grill grate from your campsite to your vehicle.
  • Lightweight: This barbecue grate is very portable and folds into a little bag, saving room.
  • Good For Couples: It is useful to prepare a meal for a couple of people!


  • Compact: At its greatest length, it merely extends to 8 inches.
  • Structure: It's the lightest of the grill grates evaluated.

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Steven Raichlen 'Best Of Barbecue' Tuscan BBQ Grill

This grill is smaller than it first seems. Although it seems large in online photographs, it is just 14 inches by 14 inches in size.

Consequently, its size makes it appropriate for a modest family.

The thickness of this grill is both its greatest strength and its biggest weakness.

The thickness of the grill makes it very robust. As a permanent addition to your backyard fire pit, you could probably keep it outside (perhaps under a fire pit cover).

Nonetheless, the thickness increases the weight and makes it less portable.
It weighs 11 pounds, which is not excessive but somewhat heavier than the rest of the options on our list.

The legs are just four inches tall, which is an additional disadvantage. This indicates that the fire must be allowed to burn down to charcoal before cooking.

This is important practice anyway, but we, along with the majority of people, are ready to start cooking immediately.

Therefore, we have a tendency to prefer swivel-stake grill grates that allow for considerable height adjustment.


  • Best For The Back Yard: It is not especially portable, but it is quite durable, making it an ideal permanent addition to any backyard campfire.
  • Cast Iron: The majority of grills on our list are made of stainless steel, however, this one is made of cast iron, which is quite robust.


  • Heavy: Not suitable for transferring to public camping areas.

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Texsport Heavy Duty Over Fire Camp Grill

This Texsport Heavy Duty Over Fire Camp Barbecue is an outstanding stainless steel camping barbecue. It is small enough to travel between sites in the trunk of a car.

However, unlike the 'RedSwing' and 'Campfire Grill' shown in this article, it lacks a carrying bag and handles. Therefore, we provide them with a little edge in this circumstance.

The grill's height relative to the campfire was also a minor nuisance. Unfortunately, the size cannot be altered much, and a height of 6.5 inches is too close to the fire for us.

Before cooking, it is advised that the wood be reduced to charcoal, which is a generally sound practice.

This item is available in a range of sizes. Medium dimensions are 16 x 12 x 6 1/2 inches, while Extra Large dimensions are 36 x 18 x 8 inches. When the legs are folded in, the depth is about 1 inch.

The larger model is ideal for making breakfast for a handful of people, while the medium-sized option is more ideal for 2-3 people.


  • Portable: Next time you go camping, place it in the trunk of your car.
  • Strong: The legs and skeleton are sturdy and solid.
  • Variable Sizes: Choose from sizes Medium, Large, and Extra Large. The Extra Large size makes it suitable for use on an open fire pit when camping.


  • Not Adjustable: Stick variations are much more height-adjustable.

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Texsport Heavy Duty Adjustable Outdoor Camping Rotisserie Grill And Spit

This sort of barbeque is the Swiss Army knife of campfire cooking.

The surface area of the grilling grate is 24 inches by 16 inches, which is an excellent and versatile size. The height is adjustable without the use of tools.

The grate's lowest position is around 6 inches, while its tallest point approaches 1 foot. That is a pretty realistic range of heights.

The rotisserie can be secured in four equally spaced (90-degree) positions, allowing you to cook meat on all four sides by rotating it.

You must manually rotate the position at regular intervals to ensure uniform cooking.

Nonetheless, having a portable campfire rotisserie is advantageous in order to prepare great meals.

The two rotating arms may be used to hang pots over the fire to boil water and cook food that requires boiling.

The arms also rotate 360 degrees so they can be moved over or away from the heat as necessary.

This grate may also be constructed and removed without the requirement of tools, which is a nice benefit. However, it is not the most portable barbecue on the list due to its weight.


  • Wide Range Of Heights: The height above the fire may be changed from six inches to nearly one foot.
  • Multi-Features: This grill has a manual rotisserie, which is an excellent feature.
  • Easy To Make: We like that this campfire grill grate can be constructed and dismantled without tools.


  • Not Portable: This grill contains several components and, although flat-packable, can be cumbersome to move.

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Stromberg Carlson GR-1522 Steak And Grill

This sort of campfire barbeque with a stake and swivel design is very well-made.

A primary feature is that it offers more height and position adjustments than most others.

The stabilizing fins at the base of this stake are also rather attractive. The fins give the appearance that this is a sturdy campfire grill stake.

If the whole underground portion of the stake is driven into firm soil, the food will not fall off during the fire.

However, a mallet is required to push the stake into more challenging soil.
To protect the top of the stake, however, we also recommend placing a piece of wood between the stake and the mallet.

Additionally, there is a sizable grilling area. It is large enough for a good sized family to simultaneously grill all of their hamburgers.

This grill is comparable to the 'Campfire Grill' grill above and comes with a robust nylon carrying bag.

In addition, it has a raised edge to prevent items like sausages from falling into the fire. Also as with the 'Campfire Grill', if the height is altered during cooking, the handle may get hot.

Unlike the 'Campfire Grill', this grill does not contain additional tools and gloves.


  • Height Adjustment: The height adjuster is durable and performs well.
  • Built To Last: The stabilizing fins keep it planted securely on the ground.
  • Carry Bag: The adequate carry bag gets the job done.


  • Requires Staking: If the earth around your campfire is hard, you will need a mallet to drive the stake in.

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Coleman Tripod Grill And Lantern Hanger

Tripod grills are less prevalent than flatbed and swivel-stake grills, but they serve the same purpose.

Adjusting the height of the grill is the most significant benefit. The adjustment cable at the top of the tripod easily allows for manual modification of the grill to suit the fire.

The plate's diameter is an excellent 17 inches. However, the edge lacks a lip to prevent items like sausages from slipping off.

Given the propensity of tripod grills to sway and wobble, the lack of this feature might be annoying. This swaying may also occur while trying to flip meats.

Therefore, it may be easier to use cooking pots rather than trying to grill directly on the grate. Put the jars in place and wait until the water boils and the food is ready.

The second concern is that the grate's three legs make it difficult to use and access the grate.

Therefore, while it is aesthetically pleasing, it is not the most practical kind of grate, although this may be unique for each user.

Nevertheless, the legs are rather flexible. The base may be as wide or as narrow as required, making it appropriate for any fire pit.

Additionally, the legs fold up utilizing tension bands and pack down small.


  • Good Portion Size: The grill grate with a 17-inch diameter can accommodate a large pot or a considerable quantity of food.
  • Folds Effectively: Tension bands inside the legs enable the legs to collapse, allowing for convenient storage.
  • Good For Different Size Fire Pits: Compatible with sizes of all different fire pits since legs can be adjusted as desired. And the grill can be hung horizontally, even on a little inclination.


  • No Lip: Grates with lips prevent food from falling off the sides.

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Best Campfire Grill Grates For Cooking Over Fire Buying Guide

Testing Before Use

Many grates have an outside coating that burns and peels after the first use. We don't know why manufacturers do this, but certainly there's a solid reason.

Therefore, we recommend letting your grill grate burn for a few hours over a fire before use.

After it has cooled, wash it to eliminate the chemicals and odors prior to the first grilling use.

9 Best Campfire Grill Grates For Cooking Over Fire

Using Pans Or Dutch Ovens On Campfire Grates

The majority of campfire grates state in their instruction manuals that they are not meant to accommodate cast iron pans.

This is presumably a precaution they take to prevent consumer complaints about the grate breaking under their weight.

However, based on our experience, we do place a few pots and pans on our grates so long as they are securely anchored in the ground.


Choose a grate that requires little maintenance and is easy to clean. Certain grates are very hard to clean and should be avoided for simplicity's sake.


A durable thing will often last for many years. It typically is worth spending more money upfront to guarantee that the products we acquire are durable and will not break easily. It may save us a considerable amount of money in the long run.


There are several material alternatives available. Cast iron, chrome-plated steel, titanium, and stainless steel are available, among other materials. This is a matter of personal preference.

You may choose whichever items you like. Each kind of material has its benefits and drawbacks. Some individuals will favor some materials over others.

Typically, campgrounds offer campfire rings. They will have a secure space for cooking and grilling meals if they do not.

Your grill must be compatible with at least a basic campfire ring. This will guarantee that the grate is stable and does not need legs so that food can be cooked easily.

Grate Design

Even though you may not give much thought to the design and arrangement of a set of cooking grates, there are essential factors to consider.

Examine the distance between the bars of the grates.

The purpose of the close spacing between the bars is to increase searing power per square inch by enhancing flavor vaporization at the grill's surface.

The decreased space also prevents food from dropping onto the grill.

When purchasing a grate, avoid those with wide gaps between the bars; your hot dogs and burgers will thank you later.


Since the majority of grates have just one surface type, they are designed to generate only one kind of sear. Some cast iron and cast stainless steel grates, in contrast, are reversible.

On one side, some grates have unique peaks that create distinctive sear marks.

Turning them over reveals that the other side is grooved, allowing the grate to operate like a griddle with built-in vaporization, resulting in a deeper surface sear and better basting.

Weight And Portability

Ensure that the grate is transportable and easy to move. Some grates are quite heavy and difficult to install around a fire.

A portable grate will allow you to easily assemble, disassemble, and pack it for your camping vacation.

If your grate is not readily transportable, assembly and storage may be challenging, which will result in several inconveniences and have a negative impact on your camping experience.

Happy grilling!