Best Watches For EMTs And Firefighters

An EMT’s or firefighters’ job is hugely intense and demanding. The highly-skilled roles are vital to protecting and saving the lives of the sick, injured, or those in danger.

If you’re an EMT or firefighter you will already know that to successfully provide efficient and effective care, there are a variety of different supplies you need. One of those key supplies is a high-quality watch.

Often overlooked, a practical, durable, and comfortable watch gives you the opportunity to keep track of time, record the vitals of your patients, and appropriately administer medication to ensure your patient receives the most suitable care.

A good watch will also be able to withstand the intense nature of both roles.   

With so many watches to choose from on the market, it can be difficult to find the best one for you. Watches vary massively in affordability and the features they offer. You need a durable and reliable one that fits your budget.

Doing so can be a nightmare, so we have decided to help you out.

We have listed the best watches for EMTs and firefighters that are on the market right now.

In our guide, we look at what each watch offers and any pros and cons they come with. At the end of the article, we have also included a useful buyer's guide and answered some frequently asked questions. 


Casio’s G-Shock series of watches are impressive, to say the least with the Mudmaster models being right up there with the best. The Mudmaster twin sensor watch is specifically designed to handle intense and dirty scenarios.

The strong durability of this watch is mainly thanks to its solid design. The G-Shock Mudmaster is made from stainless steel and a resin combo. These two design features ensure your watch is ready to take on whatever is heading your way.

When we reviewed this watch we found that its sturdy design prevented any grime or water from getting into the watch’s core which would ruin it. This affordable watch is ideal for both EMTs and firefighters.

Its features include a thermometer, super-accurate stopwatch, 5 alarm modes, digital and analog timekeeping, a calendar, compass, and a Super Illuminator LED backlight.

All of these features are easy to use and effective, making them reliable and very much needed in a range of situations.

Whether it’s tackling a blaze or treating a patient on the scene, this watch is easily one of the best on the market for an EMT or firefighter looking for an effective, suitable product that will assist them massively in their roles. 


  • Variety of features - This watch has a large number of excellent features suited to both roles.
  • Durable - The stainless steel design of this watch makes it super strong and sturdy.
  • Affordable - When compared to other watches the Mudmaster is available at an awesome price.


  • Small date feature - Though the watch shows the date, it is fairly small so it can be hard to see it.


The Timex Expedition Gallatin Watch is a clean, simply designed watch available at an incredibly affordable price. We love how this watch has been designed 100% with the user in mind.

There are no unnecessary features and the watch has been created in a way that is nice and easy to use, offering the wearer complete comfort.

Thanks to the soft nylon band you can easily wear the Timex for your entire shift without feeling any irritation, better still the snug fit will prevent the watch from moving on your wrist as you work, preventing any interference.

Probably this watch’s best feature is its night light that illuminates all the dials and numbers. This is perfect for those times you find yourself working in dark conditions or through the night.

Offering the legendary Timex durability, scratch-resistant, and water-resistant glass you can rest assured that this watch won’t break when put under pressure.  

With a weight of just 42 grams, you can’t go wrong with this ultralight watch if you’re looking for a simple yet efficient product.


  • Simple yet effective - This watch does what it sets out to do perfectly without the unnecessary bulk.
  • Super affordable - The Timex Expedition is one of the most affordable watches on the market.
  • Comfortable - The soft design and snug fit prevents this watch from irritating your skin or moving as you work. 
  • Suitable for EMTs and firefighters - This watch is a great choice for both professions.


  • No advanced features - This watch doesn’t have any advanced features such as a thermometer. If you require more advanced features you may want to look for a different watch.


The Luminox 3051 Watch is specially designed for use by Navy Seals so you can be pretty confident it is going to be awesome for anyone who works in an intense environment. This model of watch is designed to last.

Made with a polyurethane case you can expect solid performance from your watch even on the most hectic of days. 

As you would expect from a Navy Seal watch, this model is incredibly durable and water-resistant with a variety of features.

We found the bright LED screen to be one excellent feature. Like the Timex Expedition, this helps EMTs and firefighters see the watch better when working in darker environments. For a stainless steel watch, we were also pleased to find that the Luminox 3051 only weighs 59 grams.

In terms of features, for its price, the Luminox doesn’t have as many features as we would like but it does make up for that with its durability.

This watch is by far one of the most durable watches on the market today so if that is your primary reason for buying a watch then the 3051 is definitely a great option. Made in Switzerland you can’t go wrong with this watch. 


  • Rubber strap - The strong rubber strap on the Luminox 3051 adds durability and comfort to the watch. 
  • Automatic light-up LED feature - This watch will automatically light up when you are in darker situations, helping you observe the time without having to mess about with buttons when you are in a position where that may be impossible.
  • Polyurethane case - The polyurethane case adds to the watch’s durability.


  • No advanced features - The Luminox 3051 is the perfect watch in regards to durability but it comes with fewer features than other watches in its price range.


The Armitron Sport Watch is the most affordable watch on this list. Armitron has been producing durable sport watches for the last 50 years so it’s fair to say they have a good pedigree when it comes to designing an effective watch. 

The Armitron Sport Watch is an excellent option for both EMTs and firefighters thanks to its lightweight feel, easy-to-use LCD display, and variety of features. The backlight illuminates the screen at the touch of a button.

Alarm features are included, as well as military time functions, and strong water resistance of up to 100m. You can also set countdowns and laps with this watch. 

When we tested the Armitron watch we found that the simplistic design makes wearing the watch comfortable enough to wear all day.

We found the key features of the watch to be easily accessed and set up and were very pleased with the ventilation the watch offers through its perforated band.     

The only downside to this watch is its design. This watch doesn’t look as impressive as other watches. However, this isn’t a problem if you simply want a high-performance watch that does a fantastic job. 


  • Incredible price - The Amitron Sport Watch is one of if not the most affordable watch on the market that is suitable for EMTs and firefighters.
  • Clear LCD display - The clear LCD display makes reading the watch a lot easier.
  • Range of features - This watch has an amazing amount of features for its price.


  • Appearance - This watch doesn’t look as appealing as others on the market.


If it’s an attractive watch you’re after that still performs magnificently well, then the Citizen Eco-Drive could be the one for you. The Eco-Drive is designed beautifully, with the compact stainless steel design still offering solid performance. 

The watch’s neutral colors make it a good choice when looking for a watch that looks nice but doesn’t cause too much distraction. In terms of performance, we were impressed with just how well the watch performs.

It definitely isn’t just designed to look good. It also comes with plenty of neat features that make it a solid choice. The strap features a buckle for a secure and comfortable fit, while the stainless steel casing offers high-quality durability. 

The watch features a date and time window, allowing you to track time throughout the day. The effective backlight also displays luminous numbers and hands to increase visibility in darker settings. The crystal clear display can also be easily read during the brightest part of the day.

Complete with solar charging this watch is one you should strongly consider if you want a well-rounded watch.


  • Stylish - The Citizen Eco-Drive Watch looks fantastic.
  • Durable - Despite its lightweight appearance this watch can handle the toughest of days.
  • Good value for money - This watch feels like great value for money.


  • Less effective battery - Users of the Eco-Drive noted that the battery doesn’t last as long as other watches they’ve owned.


The next watch on our list is the Seiko Divers Automatic Watch. In all truth, this watch is a lot more expensive than the other watches, however, it is also arguably the easiest to use and most convenient watch on the list.

Convenience is a major factor for EMTs and firefighters so it is important their watches are too. 

This watch is one of only a few watches on the market that uses automatic movements. Instead of relying solely on batteries, the Seiko Divers watch uses a simple, yet effective spring mechanism to move the clock’s hands. This comes with the huge benefit of not having to worry about replacing a battery.

The well-labeled face is easy to read and use and the strong durability of the watch lets you face dangerous or tricky situations head-on without you needing to worry about damaging your watch. 

The feature we loved most when checking this watch out was the handy calendar incorporated on the clock face. This comes in incredibly useful when you need to track or record specific data relating to where and when an event occurred. 

We must note that this watch is a lot bulkier and heavier than other watches with a weight of 300 grams, but if you can look past that you have yourself a wonderful watch suited excellently to EMTs and firefighters.


  • Automatic movements - This unique feature makes the watch a lot more convenient.
  • Rubber band - The rubber band on this watch makes it comfortable to wear, reducing the chance of irritation.
  • Awesome calendar feature - The amazing calendar features make recording events so much easier.


  • Pricey - The Seiko Divers watch comes with a hefty price tag. 


Smartwatches are growing massively in popularity so it would be rude not to put one on our list.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is a great option if you want a watch that can do a bit of everything. Cheaper than the latest Apple Watch, the Series 3 lets you do a lot more than just tell the time and check the date. 

With this neat-looking watch, you can set alarms, contact people, start a timer, and monitor your own health all with the swipe of your finger.

Being able to use a touch screen rather than using buttons to find the data you need is a big advantage, saving you plenty of time when out in the field. You can quickly record the date and time, set an alarm for medical reminders, or contact an important individual. 

One thing we found very useful and something that will come in handy for EMTs and firefighters is the watch’s ability to monitor your own health. With such an intense, full-on job it can be hard to find time to eat, drink or simply have a break.

Using the Apple Series 3 Watch you can monitor your health to ensure you are drinking the correct amount, eating the amount you should be, and track your heart rate and sleeping pattern to see if you are getting the required amount of rest.  

The Apple Watch is also very valuable because it can provide notifications and calendar reminders straight to your phone, ensuring you never miss anything important.

In regards to design, the Series 3 looks and feels great. The streamlined watch comes with a soft silicone strap for ultimate comfort and a customizable display so you can pick the style that you like most.

In your profession, you spend all your time looking after others so it might be a good idea to buy a watch that will let you do that whilst also looking after you. 


  • A huge array of functions - Apple Watches come with an unbelievable amount of features to help you get through the day.
  • Monitor your health - With the Series 3 watch, you can keep an eye on your health too.
  • Affordable - Smartwatches can be expensive, but the Series 3 is very affordable.


  • Requires regular charging - You will have to charge this watch at least once a week.


Another Seiko watch has made it onto our list. This time the Seiko Excelsior is the watch we are taking a look at.

The Seiko Excelsior is the perfect watch for you if you’re looking for a watch you can wear while on duty and after you’ve clocked off. Conveniently charged using solar power, you never need to worry about charging the batteries on this watch. 

This uniquely designed watch has three subdials, luminous hands, and a date window created with ease of use and easy readability in mind.

Made with stainless steel and hardlex, this scratch-resistant watch can be worn repeatedly through tough situations. Record events and track the time with the useful calendar before washing your watch off and wearing it for a deserved night out with friends after work. 

We love the style this watch offers. The bold and powerful design looks strong and sharp. One downside to this watch however is its stopwatch capabilities. The stopwatch can only count for 60 minutes before stopping. 

Owning one watch for every eventuality makes sense. You can save money by buying one watch for work and pleasure, rather than one for each. 


  • Fair price - With its variety of features and styles this watch is a fair price.
  • On and off duty - You can wear this watch when on duty and off duty.
  • Stylish and durable - The Seiko Excelsior looks great and performs even better.


  • Limited stopwatch - You can only use the stopwatch for an hour at a time. 


Another very affordable watch from Timex that is totally suitable for EMTs and firefighters is the Ironman Rugged 30. As you can probably make out from its name the Timex Ironman watch is designed to be rugged. This is important for an individual in your line of work.

Despite its rugged and sturdy appearance this Timex watch is actually quite comfortable and lightweight. The strong resin strap and plastic case make it easy to wear all day and durable against intense scenarios.

When we took a look at the Timex Ironman Rugged 30 we were happy with the display and easy-to-use functions the watch comes with. The large display is easy to read and change via the large button on each side. The larger button is especially handy when wearing medical or fireproof gloves. 

Other features that come in useful for EMTs and firefighters are the 24-hour stopwatch, 3 alarm modes, water resistance, calendar modes, and 30 lap memory. These features allow you to successfully monitor, track and record events easily to ensure you can perform your job more effectively. 

In terms of appearance, this watch looks pretty straightforward. The watch doesn’t particularly stand out but that isn’t a problem if you just want a watch that performs well. The Rugged 30 comes with a black resin 44 case and acrylic lens, adding extra comfort and durability to the product. 


  • Plenty of great features - You have a ton of useful features at your disposal with the Timex Ironman Rugged 30, all of which will make your life and job a lot easier.
  • Affordable - The Rugged 30 is another super affordable watch.
  • Lightweight - The watch only weighs 45 grams.


  • Style - This watch isn’t the prettiest.


The Speidel Women’s Watch is designed with medical professionals in mind, equipped with a number of useful features essential to EMTs and other medical personnel.

Unfortunately, if you’re a firefighter we recommend you look at another watch on this list. The first thing we will talk about with this watch is its appearance. This model of watch is super stylish. The colored hands and legible markings work with each other wonderfully well.

In terms of its features that suit medical professionals, we must say this watch performs unbelievably well. Despite looking like a beautifully simple watch, there are in fact some key features that make it well worth taking a look at. The best feature for us is the highly visible, bright red second hand.

This second hand is perfect for giving medical professionals like yourself the opportunity to not only tell the time but also take accurate pulse readings. On top of that, the hour and minute hands glow in the dark so that you can still take recordings at night. 

As if that wasn’t enough, this watch also comes fitted with a soft silicone strap and a stainless steel case, making it so much more comfortable to wear and a lot more durable. Being water-resistant is also a big plus. 

This watch provides you with comfort and features that make your job easier. What else could you want from a watch?


  • Ideal for medical professionals - This watch was designed with medical professionals in mind.
  • Looks beautiful - The watch looks modern and stylish which is always a nice bonus.
  • Great price - The Speidel Women’s Watch comes at an unbelievable price.


  • Not as luminescent as described - The luminescent display is great and comes in useful but it isn’t as bright as is advertised in the product description.

EMTs, firefighters, or other medical professionals have an intense job with a crazy amount of responsibilities.

They are required to carry out and perform a huge array of different tasks and procedures daily that center around the care and treatment of the general public. They may have to record a patient’s health status or monitor pulse rate.

Either way, whatever task it is they are performing, there is a need for essential equipment. A watch is one of those pieces of equipment. 

Complete with high-quality features such as pulse counting assistance, luminous hands, durable design, and comfortable straps a watch can assist massively in the field, coming in super handy in difficult situations.

As you can see from our guide, despite the wide range of watches on the market it is possible to find the right watch for you. There are plenty of watches available, all coming in different shapes and sizes, each offering different features.

Most watches will be designed with durability and ease of use in mind so you can use them quickly and effectively in the field without worrying about any potential damage.

Now you have our list of the best and most affordable watches for EMTs and firefighters, it is your turn to do some research. Take our list and narrow down the options till you find the watch that suits your needs best.

You might even want to carry out your own research looking for other watches on the market. Either way, you will find a watch that gives you exactly what you need, making your job a whole lot easier. 

Best Watches For EMTs And Firefighters

Buyer’s Guide

When buying a watch there are some important things you need to consider to ensure you are buying the right one.

To help you we have put together this useful buyers guide that looks at some of the key things you need to think about. If you consider these points before buying a watch you can be sure you are making a decision you won’t regret further down the line.

Type Of Strap

Watches come with a variety of different straps. Some are primarily designed to look good while others are specifically designed to be strong and durable. If you’re an EMT or firefighter you need a watch that has a durable and strong strap that can be washed to keep it hygienic.

It must also not get damaged under the pressures of the job. The best options for this type of strap are silicone or stainless steel. Both of these materials can be cleaned easily, offer comfort, and can take whatever the day throws at them.

You should try to avoid leather straps because although they are durable, they aren’t as comfy after a long day. They also aren’t as easily clean, resulting in a nasty-smelling watch in no time at all.

Clear Display

A display you can easily read is a must. When looking for a watch try to find one with a clearly visible second hand or digit. The second hand is vital to take an accurate pulse reading, which in your line of work you will be doing all the time.

If you can find a watch with a large display that is scratch-proof then even better. A scratched screen is harder to read so it is a good idea to avoid watches that aren’t scratch-proof.

Easy To Clean

When you’re an EMT or firefighter as expected things can get pretty messy or dirty so you need to be able to wash and sanitize your watch constantly. Some watches aren’t easily cleaned so to stay hygienic you need to find a watch that is.

Silicone and stainless steel watches are the easiest to clean. You can rinse them easily with water and soap without causing any damage to your watch.

Water Resistant

As a paramedic or firefighter, you will wash your hands all the time. Therefore you need a watch that is water-resistant. Having a water-resistant watch will help you stay hygienic when treating patients.

Obviously, the watch also needs to be waterproof so that you can clean it after a long day. A watch with a water resistance of 50m+ is more than enough. 


You really need to consider the size of the watch you want to buy. In most instances, you will want to find a watch with a moderate size so that it doesn’t get in your way as you work.

A chunkier, heavier watch can easily get in the way causing a distraction as you work. Smaller watches, weighing less, are normally a better option because they help you rather than hinder you as you work.

You can find the dimensions and weight of each watch in the product descriptions. We recommend you go for one of the smallest, compact watches you can when buying a suitable watch.

You must also consider the size of the screen though. If you buy a watch with a screen that’s too small, you may not be able to see the screen properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are EMT Watches Only Used By EMTs?

EMT watches are not only designed to be used by medical professionals. Though they have some pretty neat features specifically aimed at EMTs, these types of watches can be worn by a wide range of people.

In fact, most watches on our list are ideal for a number of different people because they offer such a wide range of features and functions. You don’t have to work in the medical industry to enjoy them. 

Why Do EMTs And Firefighters Need A Specialized Watch?

EMTs and firefighters have a wide range of equipment that helps them perform their job easier. A specialized watch is one of them. A proper watch enables EMTs and firefighters to aid their patients better.

Their watch enables them to record patient vitals, administer medication effectively, record the date and time of an event, and take pulse readings. A good watch will also be durable enough to withstand impact whilst out in the field. 

Can Firefighters Wear Smartwatches While Out On Duty?

Yes, absolutely firefighters can wear smartwatches whilst out on duty. Smartwatches have great shock-resistant and waterproof features that prevent them from getting damaged when exposed to intense actions.

Though you will never find a smartwatch that offers ultimate protection from harsh conditions, most high-quality smartwatches will provide you with enough protection to go about your daily job successfully without getting damaged or causing a distraction as you go about your task.