Do Firefighters Live At The Station?

Have you found yourself wondering about where firefighters live? Perhaps you are wondering if the image in your head of firefighters living together at the station is true or not?

Or are you curious and want to know more? Whatever the reason might be, we have the answer for you!

When it comes to firefighters, we all know they do a fantastic job. They put their lives on the line to save others, and no matter the time of day, always answer our call.

This leaves us wondering whether they live at the station or not. So we head online, but can’t seem to find the answers that we need. 

Well, no more! Today, we are here to help! Just keep reading to find out if firefighters live at the station or not and anything else you need to know! 

Do Firefighters Live At The Station?

Do Firefighters Live At The Station?

Let’s get straight into it! No, firefighters do not live at the fire station. Typically, at the end of a shift, a firefighter will return to their own home, whether that is one they share with a partner, friends, family, or themselves. 

While firefighters don’t live at the station, it is easy to see why you might think so! As firefighters are here to help 24/7, it's easy to assume they live at the station to work their shifts. 

Instead, firefighters work longer shifts, and like hospital staff, have space at work to sleep during these longer shifts or night shifts.

It is normal to see beds in fire stations where firefighters can get some rest after a tough call or in between call-outs. 

Alongside space for firefighters to sleep, you can also find areas where they can shower, change, and even cook.

This helps firefighters clean up and recharge after putting out a fire, and also for them to break up their long shifts.

For example, if they are working a night shift, they can use the cooking space to enjoy a hot meal. 

Firefighters will be able to make use of this space during their breaks, the same way other workers in sectors have a break as part of their shift pattern.

Now that we have established that firefighters do not live at the station, let’s move on and answer some of your other questions! 

Do Firefighters Sleep At The Station?

Yes, firefighters do sleep at the station. If they are covering the night shift, or working 24 or 48-hour shifts, then they can sleep at the station. 

For larger fire stations, you can expect one firefighter at least to be awake at all times to respond to any calls. 

Each firefighter on shift though will have the opportunity to get some much-needed rest. These breaks allow firefighters to feel refreshed and alert ready for the remainder of their shift.

Firefighters will alternate on these breaks too, ensuring that there is always someone available to respond to calls. 

Now, what is this sleep like at the fire station? Well, a lot of firefighters will tell you that it isn’t a perfect sleep.

They won’t be able to sleep deeply as they are aware of their shift and often they don’t get a full seven hours of uninterrupted sleep. 

Sometimes the space they use isn’t ideal for sleeping in. They might not have black-out curtains or a personalized space for them to sleep.

There is also likely to be noise from other parts of the fire station that could keep firefighters awake. After a while, most firefighters will get used to this and find that they can get some much-needed rest while at work.

It is worth knowing that the sleep a firefighter has at the station won’t be as relaxing as what they get at home. 

Are Firefighters Paid To Sleep? 

Do Firefighters Live At The Station

So is this sleep a firefighter has part of their pay? Yes, it is! As a firefighter is on duty, their pay will cover the time that they spent sleeping.

When a firefighter is sleeping, they are expected to wake up when a call comes through that they need to respond to, so it's not as though they are sleeping on the job! 

While this is true for paid firefighters, volunteer firefighters do not get paid. Unlike paid firefighters, volunteer firefighters are usually at home when they receive the call.

These calls can come late in the night, often waking them up. They do not get paid for any of their time and often don’t spend their nights at fire stations, in the same way, paid firefighters to do. 

Working firefighters will have a breakdown of their shifts made clear to them so they will know how long they can sleep, what time they are paid for, and what they are expected to do during these longer shifts or working through the night. 

Do Firefighters Work 24-Hour Shifts?

This depends on the fire station they work at, but often, firefighters will work 24 hours or even 48-hour shifts.

The length of shifts is outlined in a firefighters contract, and in some cases, they will work 9 days out of a month.

While this can sound fantastic, these 24-hour shifts can be incredibly taxing on your body and lifestyle.

Most firefighters will have had to strongly consider if these shifts are suitable for their lifestyle before taking the job.  

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, firefighters do not live at the station! Instead, they live in their own homes and sleep at the fire station when working longer shifts or covering the night shift.

There will be space for the firefighters to sleep at the station, although it is unlikely to be as comfortable as their beds.

But it does offer them a space to get some extra sleep in between call-outs and continue their shift feeling refreshed!