How To Put Out A Fire Pit

A fire pit in the garden is perfect for creating a relaxing summer evening. You can gather around the fire pit with your family and friends to enjoy great company, the warmth from the fire, and the fresh air. 

Not only can you enjoy the fire pit in the summer, but it can keep you warm during the winter too when you want to spend time outside.

How To Put Out A Fire Pit

Although there are many benefits to having a fire pit, you also need to be very careful.

It is very important to make sure that the fire is put out after use, otherwise, there is an increased risk of a large fire starting. 

To protect yourself, your family, and wildlife, you need to ensure that the fire pit is put out correctly.

This article will show you how to put out a fire from a fire pit to prevent a larger fire from spreading.

You need to take responsibility for your fire pit and ensure that it is correctly extinguished after it has been used to avoid experiencing dangerous situations.

How To Safely Extinguish A Fire Pit

Let The Fire Completely Burn Down

To ensure that the fire will be extinguished properly, stop adding fuel to the fire an hour before you will want to head back inside.

This will allow the fire to burn down completely and make it a lot easier for you to put it out. If you continue to add fuel to the fire, you will need to wait longer for the fire to die down.

Spread Out The Wood Inside The Fire Pit

After you have waited for the fire to die down, you might find that there are still parts of the fire pit that are lit as the wood is still piled together.

To diffuse the flames, use a shovel to spread out the pieces of wood as the fire will not have anything to cling onto. This will result in the fire burning out.

Put Water Over The Fire Pit

Although the fire has been extinguished, the fire pit will still be very hot, so you will need to pour water over it to cool it down.

Before you pour the water, you need to make sure that you are standing far away from the fire pit to avoid hot steam burning you.

Keep pouring the water over the ashes and the wood until there is no sign of steam coming from the fire pit.

Check Around The Fire Pit

Checking your garden for loose embers is important as you do not want them to cause a fire.

The surrounding area needs to be thoroughly checked as embers could spread to other pieces of wood, which can be very dangerous.

If you find a stray ember, put it out with water to ensure that it does not cause a problem.

Do not limit your search to just around the fire pit. You will need to look at the wider area to make sure that you catch any loose embers to prevent a fire from starting elsewhere.

Check The Temperature Of The Fire Pit

Once you have left the fire pit enough time to cool with the water, you need to check the temperature. You should be able to touch it and there should be no heat coming off.

If you can still feel the heat when you touch it, you need to repeat the previous steps. This will ensure that it has been safely put out and isn’t a risk anymore.

How To Remain Safe Around A Fire Pit

How To Put Out A Fire Pit

Having an outdoor fire pit is great, but people need to remember that it shouldn't be taken lightly and that there are safety precautions that need to be implemented to ensure the well-being of those around the fire.

Don’t Add Too Much Fuel

To keep the fire burning, you need to add fuel as it will continue to die down if you do not.

However, you should refrain from adding too much fuel as this could cause the fire to lose control. 

This can be extremely dangerous for you and other people around the fire pit. Make sure that you read the instructions on the fuel carefully to know how much to add.

Use A Spark Screen

A spark screen is an important piece of safety equipment that you should be using to make sure that the people surrounding the fire pit are safe and protected.

It ensures that no loose embers fly off the fire pit, which is very important if you have kids and pets.

They will be protected from getting burned, but you need to make sure that they are kept away at all times.

Never Leave The Fire Unattended

The fire pit should never be unattended unless you have correctly put out the fire. If the fire is lit, you cannot leave it as this can be extremely dangerous.

If the fire spreads or flares up without your knowledge, you will not be able to put it out or call for help.

If you have kids or pets, you need to monitor the fire pit to make sure that they do not touch it or get too close.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, having a fire pit is exciting as you can enjoy evenings outside, but you need to be responsible as it is a dangerous piece of equipment.

Safely putting out the fire pit is important because if it is still lit, the fire could spread.

Even if the majority of the fire has been put out, small flames or embers can cause fires, so you need to ensure that they are extinguished.

Never leave the fire pit unattended as this could cause the fire to flare up without your knowledge.

If you have kids and pets, you need to monitor them around the fire pit to make sure that they are safe and do not come into contact with it.

Safety features, like a spark screen, will help to make sure that they are protected around the fire pit.