Do Fireproof Bags Really Work?

House fires are extremely common, so it is important to take precautions to make sure that you, your family, and your belongings are protected in the event of a fire.

Using fireproof bags has become very common for protecting important documents and data that cannot afford to be lost in a fire. But do they work?

Do Fireproof Bags Really Work?

People use fireproof bags to protect important documents to make sure that they do not get lost in a fire.

Using fireproof bags seems risky as there is a chance that the documents will not be saved, but if they work, the documents will be protected from fire and will not become damaged.

This article will help you understand how fireproof bags work and if they are worth using.

Find out more about whether or not fireproof bags work below and see if you will feel comfortable using them for your important documents and papers.

What Is A Fireproof Bag?

A fireproof bag is something that protects the contents from high temperatures, such as fire.

The reason that these bags can protect the contents from the high heat is that they are made from fireproof materials, so you can be sure that there is no danger of the fire melting through the materials.

The fireproof materials can be found on both the inside and the outside of the bags.

This creates a stronger barrier between the inside of the bag and the fire and makes it harder for the fire to melt through to destroy the documents inside. 

Although they are strong, they can only protect the contents of the bag for a short while, not for a long time.

What Materials Are The Bags Made From?

The main material used for the fireproof bags is fiberglass, but fiberglass is not strong enough on its own to protect against fire.

Therefore, it needs to be backed up with something to create a stronger fireproof material that can be used to withstand extreme heat.

To make the fiberglass stronger and more protective against fire, the pores are filled with silicone to create a sturdy fireproof material.

With the silicone, the fireproof bag becomes waterproof and it increases the strength of the bag against the intense heat from the fire, protecting the contents inside and keeping them away from becoming damaged.

Without the silicone coating on the fiberglass, the fiberglass wouldn’t be as strong.

Having the silicone coating creates a more durable bag that offers more protection, so it is important to make sure that your fireproof bag is made from a combination of both of these materials.

Why Is Fiberglass Effective?

As fiberglass is extremely tough, it is a great material to use for fireproof bags.

Fiberglass is mostly unaffected by high temperatures, but there are risks that the material can begin to melt when the temperature becomes too high.

They can remain unaffected by temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another reason for fiberglass being used for fireproof bags is that it is a cheap material to use.

Despite this, it is extremely resistant to fire and can withstand intense heat before it begins to weaken.

Do Fireproof Bags Work?

Do Fireproof Bags Really Work

Fireproof bags are very effective at protecting your important documents from becoming lost in a fire.

Although fireproof bags do work and can protect your important papers from the heat of the fire, there are temperature limits that you need to be aware of. 

The inside of the bag usually protects against heat up to 660 degrees Fahrenheit and the outside up to 1,550 degrees Fahrenheit.

As there is a temperature limit on the bag, you need to be mindful that fireproof bags are sometimes not always reliable.

If the heat from the fire exceeds the outside temperature, then the bag could begin to melt. 

Leaving the bag in the fire for too long can also cause the bag to become burnt, so it is important to recognize that there are risks.

Although fireproof bags are mostly effective, there are several risks involved when you are using them as you can never guarantee the temperature of a fire or how long it will go on.

If the fire remains at a temperature that the bag can withstand and for a short while, your documents will be protected. If not, there is a chance that the bag could begin to melt.

How Big Are Fireproof Bags?

As fireproof bags are designed to store important documents and forms that cannot afford to be lost or destroyed, the majority of fireproof bags only have enough room inside to store A4 papers.

However, you are able to find fireproof bags that fit different-sized papers, keeping them safe and protected in the event of a fire.

There can also be room inside some fireproof bags for jewelry or other small valuables to be stored. This can protect the jewelry from fire and any potential damage that could happen as high heat can melt it if left unprotected.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, fireproof bags are very effective at protecting your important documents from high temperatures in the event of a fire.

Having important documents in fireproof bags can put your mind at ease if there were to be a fire as they would be safe and protected from the high heat.

Although fireproof bags are reliable, there is the danger that fire that exceeds the maximum temperature of the fireproof bag could affect the material.

For this reason, some people are wary of using fireproof bags as fire is unpredictable, so it is unknown how long the documents will be protected.

It is important to understand that there are risks when using fireproof bags, so it is ultimately up to you and how comfortable you are with storing documents and valuables in them. As an alternative, it's possible a fireproof safe might be a better option if you are unsure.

Whatever you decide, it is recommended that you protect your documents. It's always better to be safe than sorry.