The Top 5 Fire Blankets

Everybody knows that fire extinguishers are usually the go-to method of extinguishing fires. The clue is quite literally in the name. 

However, there are some circumstances in which a fire extinguisher might not be effective or could even make the situation more dangerous. 

On balance, experts consider a fire blanket to be the safest option when dealing with smaller fires, such as pan fires. Pan fires can easily start in the home, be it through a split second of inattention or a malfunction with a cooking appliance. 

We’ve done some research and come up with a selection of the top 5 fire blankets you can buy today! 

Don’t forget to check out our Buyer’s Guide for tips on how to choose your ideal fire blanket, as well as our FAQ section for answers to all of your burning questions.


Our top pick today is the Tonyko Fiberglass Fire Blanket. 

As with all good fire blankets, this one consists of a fiberglass sheet, which has the effect of starving fires of oxygen, thus putting out the flames. 

This fire blanket from Tonyko can be used to extinguish multiple different types of fires, from a fireplace that has gotten out of control, to grease and oil fires in the kitchen.

The blanket is fire-safe up to temperatures of 1076°F, meaning that it is compliant with cooking fire standard EN-1869:1997. 

What’s more, the Tonyko Fiberglass Fire Blanket comes in a wide range of different sizes, so you can pick the size that you think will be most appropriate for your home.

You can choose from Small, Medium, Large (which is available in 2 different dimensions), and Extra Large. The Small blanket measures 39.3 x 39.3 inches, while the Extra Large measures 70.9 x 70.9 inches.

Therefore, as you can see, Tonyko makes it easy to tailor your fire safety plan to your needs. 

Another great feature of this blanket is the fact that it can easily be wiped clean if it becomes soiled.

Of course, if you have already used the blanket to extinguish a fire, whether or not it has become blackened, you’ll need to replace it. However, any accidental staining or soiling can be taken care of without the need for an extensive cleaning process. 

Please be aware, however, that there is only 1 blanket per pack, so once you’ve used this blanket, you will need to purchase another.


  • Fiberglass sheet - Effective and non-toxic 
  • Suitable for liquid, grease, and fireplace - Versatile 
  • Wipes clean - No need for washing 
  • Safe up to 1076°F - EN-1869:1997 cooking fire standard 
  • Sizes Small to Extra Large - For fires up to 70 x 70 inches 


  • Single pack - Only 1 blanket per purchase


The Everlit Fire Blanket(s) take our runner-up spot in today’s selection.

This blanket comes in a 2-pack, which is great because it means that if you have to use one blanket, you always have another to spare. Remember: you will need to dispose of fire blankets after you use them, even if they do not appear damaged.

Everlit’s fire blanket has a service temperature of 1000°F, meaning that it’s suitable for class K (or F in Europe) fires. It’s suited to both indoor and outdoor use, so it’s a highly effective and versatile fire safety tool.

This particular blanket comes in an extra-large size, measuring 47 x 47 inches. Although fire blankets are only designed to extinguish small-scale fires, this blanket will enable you to put out fires that cover 2209 square inches, or 15.3 square feet.

One of the best things about this fire blanket is the fact that it comes with a heat-resistant glove to protect your hand as you put the blanket over the fire.

The glove also features a reflective strip so that you can be seen in dark or misty conditions.

This is very helpful in situations where the fire is in an outdoor area and the weather conditions are not optimal for visibility since it will make it easier for emergency responders to find you.

However, we must caution buyers that the provided glove should not be used if it becomes damp or wet. The combination of moisture and the heat from the fire may cause steam burns in this case.


  • 2-pack - Always have a spare 
  • Service temperature 1000°F - Safe for class K fires 
  • Extra-large - For fires up to 47 x 47 inches 
  • For indoor and outdoor use - Versatile 
  • Includes reflective, heat-resistant glove - Protection against burns


  • Glove should not be used if wet - May cause steam burns 


Protecting yourself and your home in an emergency shouldn’t cost the earth. That’s why we’re recommending our best value pick, which is the Aksipo Fiberglass Fire Emergency Blanket. 

Like our previously reviewed fire blanket, this blanket comes in a pack of 2 so that you always have one available while waiting to replace a used blanket. 

The Aksipo blanket is made of premium fiberglass and has a fire-resistance rating of up to 1022°F, so it’s suitable for putting out Class K fires.

Moreover, the blanket comes in a choice of 2 sizes: 39.3 x 39.3 inches, and 47 x 47 inches. So, if you’re looking for a fire blanket in case of a stove fire, for example, you can base your choice on the size of the relevant appliance. 

As an added bonus, you can use this fire blanket as a heat shield if the need arises, so it’s actually a very useful, multipurpose product, especially for the price!

However, we recommend handling this blanket with care, and only when absolutely necessary, because there have been some reports of fiberglass splinters.


  • Fiberglass - For grease and liquid fires 
  • 2 pack - Provides safety reserve
  • 2 sizes available - 39.3 x 39.3 inches and 47 x 47 inches 
  • Fire-resistant up to 1022°F - Ideal for small-scale fires 
  • Can double as heat shield - Multipurpose 


  • Some reports of fiberglass splinters - Be careful when handling


The ABN Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Fire Retardant Blanket may be a little more expensive than the other products we’ve reviewed today, but it’s definitely worth it to keep yourself and your family safe. 

This fire blanket comes in 2 sizes, so you get to choose between 4 x 6 feet and 6 x 8 feet, depending on the kind of application you anticipate. 

You can use this blanket to extinguish Class K (EU F) fires up to 1000°F. Thanks to the tightly woven fabric of the blanket, you can actually reuse it, unlike many other fire blankets.

The potential for long-term, repeated use definitely makes this blanket worth the price. 

We also like that there are brass grommets every 11 inches along the length of the blanket so that you can hang it up easily for convenient storage.

Plus, the fabric is very supple despite its durability, so you can fold it either for storage purposes or to cover smaller fires that don’t require the whole surface area. 

We did notice some loose fibers at the edges of the blanket, although this does not seem to impair the functionality of the product. 


  • 2 available sizes - 4 x 6 feet and 6 x 8 feet 
  • Works up to 1000°F - Class K fire application
  • Tightly woven - Can be reused 
  • Brass grommets - Easy storage 
  • Pliable fabric - Can be folded for smaller fires 


  • Some loose fibers - Not the most seamless construction


We would also like to suggest the JJ Care Fire Blanket for Home as our Highly Commended pick. 

Again, this is a 2-pack of blankets, which is ideal because it means you’re never left without a fire blanket if you’ve had to use and dispose of one. 

These blankets are flame retardant to temperatures up to 1076°F, so they can effectively and safely be used on Class K fires from grease or liquid. 

Each blanket measures 40 x 40 inches, so despite being designed for relatively small fires, they can still cover a sizeable surface area of 1600 square inches or 11.11 square feet. 

A pair of heat-resistant gloves are included with the purchase of the JJ Care blankets to help protect your hands when handling the product. 

JJ Care has also included a hanging hook with the blankets and gloves to help make storage easy and convenient.

However, the blankets are quite heavy and, in some cases (usually, depending on the surface the hook is mounted to) the hook may not be strong enough. 


  • 2-pack - Provides a backup blanket 
  • Flame retardant up to 1076°F - Suited to small grease and liquid fires 
  • Large size - 40 x 40 inches 
  • Includes heat-resistant gloves - Extra protection for hands 
  • Hanging hook included - Useful for storage


  • Provided hook is sometimes not strong enough - Other storage methods may be necessary

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Fire Blanket 

To help you make the safest choice of fire blanket for home and personal use, we thought we’d share the features and factors that we based our selection around. 

Using these features, you’ll be able to tailor your purchase to your needs.

The Top 5 Fire Blankets

Fire Safety Rating 

First of all, it’s very important that you check your prospective fire blanket for fire safety ratings. These can come in various forms, including the maximum temperature rating, the class of fire it is designed for, and the fire safety standard that it adheres to. 

Fire blankets are not designed to help extinguish large-scale blazes that have gotten out of control. Therefore, don’t start your search by looking for blankets rated at Class A, B, C, D, or even E.

This search will be fruitless. Instead, the rating you want to see on a fire blanket is Class K, which refers to small (primarily kitchen) fires caused by grease or liquids such as oil. You may also see Class K referred to as Class F because this is the equivalent class in Europe. 

If there is no fire class listed in the product information, check for anything that indicates that the blanket can be used for liquid and grease fires.

Often, manufacturers provide the information in explicit terms rather than just noting the class because buyers who aren’t familiar with the fire classification system may not know what the classes mean. 

It’s also worth checking for any indication of the fire safety standard that the blanket has been constructed in accordance with. 


All fire blankets should consist of at least one layer of fiberglass. Fiberglass is the most effective material for starving flames of oxygen.

If you see a blanket advertised as a fire blanket that does not seem to be made of fiberglass, please err on the side of caution and choose another blanket that has the construction materials clearly listed. When it comes to fire safety, caution is always the best policy. 


Fire blankets come in various sizes, so it’s important to check the size specifications before you buy a fire blanket. If you buy a blanket that is too small for its intended purpose, you will not be able to extinguish the fire properly. 

Similarly, buying a fire blanket that is far too large for its anticipated purpose will take up unnecessary storage space and may be cumbersome to use when you need it. 

What is considered a small fire blanket, as opposed to a large fire blanket, is liable to vary between manufacturers. Where some brands might label a 40 x 40-inch blanket as small, others stock ‘large’ blankets in these measurements.

Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to the dimensions specified alongside the size label. 

We recommend taking measurements of the appliance or area you anticipate using the fire blanket in relation to. For example, if you’re buying it in case of a pan or stovetop fire, take measurements of your stovetop. 

When choosing the most compatible size, always leave yourself some leeway. It’s better to have a blanket that is larger than necessary than one that is too small since the latter will prevent you from putting out the fire. 

If you’re going to buy a large or extra-large fire blanket, it helps to make sure that the fabric is pliable enough to fold (both for storage purposes and in case you have to deal with a much smaller fire).

It’s also a good idea to make sure that the blanket has sewn-in grommets to help you hang the blanket up if this is convenient. 

Additional Features

A great additional feature that we recommend you prioritize when buying a fire blanket is a heat-resistant glove or pair of gloves.

The main danger when using a fire blanket is that it’s possible to burn yourself when placing the blanket over the fire. This is why it’s recommended to wrap the corners of the blanket over your hands as you do so. 

However, a glove is usually a more method of keeping your hand(s) protected because there’s less danger of it slipping off during the movement. 

With that being said, gloves do present one danger: steam burns. If gloves get wet, the heat from the fire as you maneuver the blanket may cause a steam burn. Heat-resistant gloves are not designed to be used when wet, so make sure your gloves are dry before you use them. 

Another helpful additional feature is a hook on which to hang your blanket. Now, depending on the size of your blanket, a hook may not actually be the best storage solution because large fire blankets can be very heavy.

In such cases, the hook provided may not be strong enough to support the blanket.

However, for smaller fire blankets, a hook is the perfect method of storage. This is because it keeps your blanket clearly visible and easily accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does a fire blanket work?

Typically, fire blankets have 2 layers. The first layer is made of fiberglass, while the other is made of fire retardant film. 

The combination of these two materials stop and stifle the flames, starving them of oxygen. Because fire needs oxygen to continue to burn, this is an effective method of extinguishing a fire. 

How effective is a fire blanket?

Fire blankets are highly effective when used to smother the right kind of fire, and when used according to the instructions. 

It should be noted that fire blankets are primarily designed to put out small fires, such as fires that start from hot oil in a pan. They are designed for home use and use in small spaces, and you will not be able to use a fire blanket to put out a blaze more serious than Class F. 

How do I use a fire blanket?

If you’re going to use a fire blanket to extinguish a fire, it’s vital that you understand how to do so quickly, effectively, and most importantly, safely. 

Before you do anything else, turn off any gas or electricity in the proximity of the fire and roll up your sleeves if you are wearing a long-sleeved shirt.

The next step is to take the blanket out of its packaging. Once you’ve opened the container, you should see that the blanket has straps attached to it. These straps are what you will need to hold on to for safety purposes. 

Now that you are holding the blanket’s straps, you need to fold or wrap the top corners of the blanket over your hands. This will help to protect you as you place the blanket over the fire. 

Carefully, but swiftly, cover the fire with the blanket. Make sure that you get the entire fire covered in one movement because you will not be able to safely reposition the blanket once it has been laid over the flames. 

If you can see that the area of the fire is greater than the surface area of the blanket, please do not attempt this method of extinguishing. Instead, evacuate the building as quickly and calmly as possible and call your local fire department.

If you are able to extinguish the fire with your fire blanket, remember not to attempt to touch or move the blanket for at least 1 hour (60 minutes).

Where can I use a fire blanket?

You should always check the instructions or product guidelines that come with your fire blanket to make sure you know where and when it is suitable for use. 

Most fire blankets are designed to put out class F/K fires, which are small-scale kitchen and pan fires. 

As long as the fire is a small blaze that can be relatively easily controlled, you can also usually use your fire blanket to put out fires at campsites, in the car, in garage spaces, and in any other small, enclosed areas such as boats. 

What fire safety tools should I have in addition to a fire blanket?

While fire blankets can be extremely useful and even life-saving at times, you shouldn’t rely entirely on a fire blanket to keep yourself safe at home. 

The first and most important thing to have in your home in case of fire is a working fire alarm. Fires can often start unexpectedly when you’re not monitoring the source of the flames, so it’s essential to have an alarm to alert you in the event of a fire. 

You should also have a fire extinguisher in your home. Remember: a fire blanket is not a replacement for or an alternative to a fire extinguisher. It is simply a convenient and mess-free solution to a specific type of fire. 

Keep a fire extinguisher in the room in your home that is most prone to fire hazards. For most people, this is usually the kitchen, although it’s also a good idea to have extinguishers anywhere with a fireplace. 

Gas fires can often produce carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a potentially deadly gas that has no odor or visible appearance. Therefore, we highly recommend installing a carbon monoxide detector in your home. 

Finally, it’s crucial to have a safety or evacuation plan in place that everyone in your household is familiar with. This should include the nearest potential exit points and the designated meeting point after evacuation. 

Final Thoughts On The Best Fire Blankets

A fire blanket is a safe and effective solution to small grease and oil fires, which usually occur in kitchen settings. 

Remember that a good-quality fire blanket should be made of fiberglass because this is the material that will be most effective at depriving the fire of oxygen. 

Do not attempt to use a fire blanket to put out any fire above Class K (or F, in Europe). Also, remember to cover your hands, either with the corners of the blanket or with a pair of heat-resistant gloves as you put the blanket over the flames.

Make sure that the gloves are not wet or this could cause steam burns. 

When you have extinguished the fire, wait 60 minutes before attempting to move the blanket. If you are unable to extinguish the flames yourself, evacuate the building or area immediately and dial 911.